Scarborough Swimming Club  


Club Speed Records and Holders

During the yearly swimming calendar all times are recorded and the best times are set as club records. These records date back years through the clubs history. Some records still stand from the 1980's, for example the girls 12 and 13 years 50m Breaststroke has been held since 1983.
All members of the club work hard through out each training session to maybe one day break a club record.




8 Years Old and Under

22.682010Nathan Mundey25m Free Style18.292006Jace Cappleman
22.682010Nathan Mundey25m Backstroke22.802008Emily Harrison
24.062008Harry Exley-Moore25m Breaststroke23.552007Anna Sweeney
21.172010Nathan Mundey25m Butterfly22.492012Matilda Tomlinson
1.41.832010Nathan Mundey100m Ind Med1.42.432007Anna Sweeney

9 Years Old

15.811998Paul Hargreaves25m Free Style16.262007Jace Cappleman
19.132006Sam Broadley25m Backstroke20.182007Jace Cappleman
22.202006Sam Broadley25m Breaststroke21.082007Jace Cappleman
17.252002Gareth Mills25m Butterfly17.442007Jace Cappleman
1.31.002001Gareth Mills100m Ind Med1.35.162007Jace Cappleman

10 & 11 Years Old

31.132002Laurence Mills50m Free Style30.862009Jace Cappleman
37.162002Laurence Mills50m Backstroke37.132009Jace Cappleman
40.312014Joe Kelly50m Breaststroke42.182000Kirsty Richardson
34.302003Gareth Mills50m Butterfly35.262009Jace Cappleman
1.19.762013Nathan Mundey100m Ind Med1.22.202009Jace Cappleman

12 & 13 Years Old

1.01.112009David Couch100m Free Style1.01.122011Jace Cappleman
33.922004Laurence Mills50m Backstroke31.412008Rebecca Whaling
34.191993Neil Parcell50m Breaststroke38.001983Elizabeth Hasnip
30.871993Neil Parcell50m Butterfly32.691996Fiona Hargreaves
1.12.301999Laurence Mills100m Ind Med1.15.231999Leanne Lynch

14 & 15 Years Old

55.631998Matthew Kaiser100m Free Style1.00.722013Jace Cappleman
1.05.252014Alex Lynn100m Backstroke1.10.182013Elizabeth Swift
1.12.601995Neil Parcell100m Breaststroke1.18.461985Elizabeth Hasnip
1.02.922007Gareth Mills100m Butterfly1.02.492001Julie Owen
2.17.502004Paul Hargreaves200m Ind Med2.30.952013Jace Cappleman

Open Individuals

24.012011Ross Glegg50m Free Style27.612004Aimee Ramm
52.242010Ross Glegg100m Free Style59.612004Aimee Ramm
1.52.892010Gareth Mills200m Free Style2.06.922007Julie Owen
4.02.272009Gareth Mills400m Free style4.30.702014Jace Cappleman
8.23.112009Gareth Mills800m Free Style9.27.132009Rebecca Whaling
16.28.202009Gareth Mills1500m Freestyle19.44.522012Elizabeth Swift
1.00.542011Ross Glegg100m Backstroke1.05.592009Rebecca Whaling
1.06.762005Paul Hargreaves100m Breaststroke1.13.251997Helen Douthwaite
59.802009Gareth Mills100m Butterfly1.05.832007Julie Owen
2.12.642007Laurence Mills200m Ind Med2.24.952009Rebecca Whaling

Open Relays

18th April 2015 Girls Open 4x2
Jace CapplemanBecky CoxLizzie SwiftEmily HarrisonTotal
29.2628.6429.1227.94 1.55.18


Boys 10/11 yrs 50m Breaststroke previously held by David Roberts from 1993 with a time of 40.40

Boys 12 yr & under 200m Freestyle previously held by Nathan Mundey from 2013 with a time of 2.30.19

Boys 14 & 15 yrs 100m Backstroke previously held by Alistair Mills from 2000 with a time of 1.05.60

Girls 12 yrs & under 200m Freestyle previously held by Phoebe Dawson from 2013 with a time of 2.32.88

Girls Open 400m Freestyle Previously held by Rebecca Whaling from 2009 with a time of 4.31.39